Gina DeFreitas is a: dancer, teacher, choreographer, aerialist, stilt walker, costume designer, and acrobat.

Gina or “Miss Gina” to her younger students grew up in Massachusetts studying many styles of dance, including ballet. After graduating, Gina left for the creative hotbed of New York City where she studied dance and performed in a long list of schools and venues, including Steps on Broadway, Alvin Ailey Dance Theater and the Broadway Dance Center. Dancing through life she found herself at New England Center for Circus Arts and Circus Center were she specialized in Aerial arts of many apparatus's. Aerial Silks, Trapeze, Sling/Hammock, Aerial Hoop/Lyra & Rope/Spanish Web, among other circus arts. The long list of schools, theatres, circuses, and dance troupes where she worked and studied underscores one core thing about Miss Gina – she loves to dance, and learn! Luckily for the Metro Boston area, Gina also loves to share, and she has returned hometo teach people to dance in the air, and so much more.

Gina DeFreitas is, quite simply, an air dancer with her precise and fluid moves, it is almost impossible to look away from her when she is on the aerial silk or static trapeze. Time slows as she completely unfolds and refolds her long limbs into her next move. In a world where our entertainment is fast pace watching Gina perform is like watching a time lapsed video of a spring flower opening up its petals to

the morning sun.

This magnetism, or magic, is evident in her pupil’s faces. In Miss Gina, the children see a strong, flexible, brave, graceful woman who also has a great sense of fun. Gina is equally comfortable dancing in the air using incredible upper body strength and a solid core as she is down on the ground clowning. This sense of play gives an added dimension to her classes, whether they are for children or adults: working out does not have to be boring or repetitive. Every session starts with laid back stretching and warm ups, Gina teaches the children that if you respect your body, and work hard, soon you too can fly on the trapeze or the silk.

Hanging upside down on the silk not your thing? Miss Gina has a knack for finding the perfect fit for each kid and adult, whether it’s the acrobatics, aerial arts, aerial fitness, partner acrobatics or the clowning, balance toys such as stilts, tight wire, rolla bolla or juggling toys such as scarfs, balls, plates or hula hoops.

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